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MCCF Best Practices Work

The documents you will be able to find in this section are practice related. They include Provincial Catalogue of Services; results from best practices related research; cultural safety presentations; and other related work.

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Priority Issues in Context of Metis-Specific Legislated Child Protection Protocol, 2012
The following brief addresses high priority issues of concern which MCCF has identified in the context of Metis-specific legislated protocol and service delivery for Metis children in care and their families.

Cultural Safety Mapping for Metis Clients in "Aboriginal" Child Welfare Service Delivery, 2012
Considerations regarding culturally appropriate Child Welfare Service Delivery for Metis children and families in cases where services are provided by an Urban Aboriginal agency or First Nations service agency transitioning into an "Aboriginal" agency or providing "Aboriginal" programs as add-ons.

Key Challenges in Cultural Safety Planning for Metis Children in Care, 2012
Key points for cultural safety plans, cultural safety agreements and other cultural planning strategies for Metis children in temporary and permanent care. Templates available for temporary and permanent Metis cultural planning upon request.

MCCF Provincial Catalogue of Services for Mtis Children & Families, 2011
A catalogue to provide immediate contact information about available services to assist the Mtis communities, Mtis families, and Ministry and non-Ministry front line workers.

Mtis Cultural Information Packet: A Resource for Stakeholders to Increase and Develop Metis Historical and Cultural Awareness, July, 2011
The Mtis Cultural Information Packet is a resource for stakeholders to increase and develop Mtis historical and cultural awareness.

MCCF Final Report: Provincial Mtis Best Practices Roundtable Discussion Forum, November 2008
This document outlines the Best Practices and Recommendations that arose from a Mtis Commission organized Roundtable in November 2008. The discussion was framed around the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) document Strong, Safe and Supported.

MCCF Cultural Safety Presentation

Strength of the Sash Presentation

Featured Resources

Proud to be Metis!: The Cultural Booklet we send to families is now available online!

MCCF Cultural Information Package: A collection of Metis cultural resources and information to support service delivery and planning for Metis children, youth and families.

MCCF Quality Assurance Framework: Continuous Quality Improvement for Mtis Children and Family Services in British Columbia, March 2011

MCCF 2011 Provincial Catalogue:
A catalogue to provide immediate contact information about available services to assist the Mtis communities, Mtis families, Ministry and non-Ministry front line workers in supporting Metis people.